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Why the Word Chauvinist

The word chauvinist is attributed to one Nicholas Chauvin, a noble soldier and passionate supporter of France and Napoleon Bonaparte in the early 1800’s.

Enlisting in the First Army of the French Republic at age eighteen (1798), this loyal soldier went on to serve in La Grande Armée of Napoleon.

Wounded seventeen times in battle, for his military service, patriotism and loyalty, Napoleon himself presented him with France’s highest military honor at the time, Le Sabre d’Honnuer (The Saber of Honor).

Notwithstanding his distinguished military record, after Napoleon’s final defeat at Waterloo (1815), when it was no longer popular to be a “Bonapartist”, and living in a severely disfigured body due to his battle wounds, this honorable veteran was derided in the new “Restoration France” (1815-1830).

Because of his outspoken patriotism, his passion, his nobleness, his military service and his supposed misplaced loyalties, Nicholas Chauvin was transformed, in France, into a caricature as a character in at least two far left liberal plays; The Peasant Soldier (1821) and The Tricolor Cockade (1831), wherein he was the constant butt of jokes, mocked, ridiculed and demeaned, because of his strong morals, values, ethics and convictions.

Traditional Americans, yes American Chauvinists, of today are under the same constant forms of attacks from the far left in the entertainment industry, far left politicians and the far left media in this country today as Nicholas Chauvin was in those plays back then. The similarities are undisputable.

This is why we chose the word chauvinist and have defined an AMERICAN CHAUVINIST® as; “A native or immigrant patriot who passionately believes the United States of America to be the greatest and most noble nation ever created by mankind”.

We believe our position to be substantially superior to those on the far left, …and trust you agree.


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